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Whether you want a party with pedals or some friendly competition, our classes are the answer. In our cycle classes burn some serious calories and shred your upper and lower body. Burn. Crank. Crush.

Burn, Crank & Crush

Rhythm Ride

A 50-minute beat-bumping, heart-pounding, sweat fest. You'll kill calories and shred your upper and lower body to the latest playlist. Some spin studios tell you to check your attitude at the door. We say bring it.


Own your ride! Core45 is a performance cycle class that features cycling technology, which allows our instructors to provide you with clear and easy to follow classes. Class will be a heavy sweat session based on the principles of cycling. Combining the rhythm of the music and the creative coaching from the best instructors in the industry, you will leave feeling exhilarated and challenged. After each class you will receive post-ride emails with workout details.


Our signature cycling class!Core60 is 60 minutes of pure indoor cycling! If performance is your goal, you can expect to see an increase in power, speed, and strength. Our Core Cycle instructors will lead you though interval-training techniques to the beat of awesome tunes AND use the best technology in the market ensuring a fun and killer workout experience. After each class you will receive post-ride email with workout details.

Cycle Barre 30/30

Best of both worlds!Cycle Barre 30/30 offers a 30 minute high intensity performance cycle class followed by an express barre class. We will use both studio rooms for the ultimate experience. Reserve your spot now and ignite your inner athlete.


Let us unroll your matt, while you ignite your inner fire, and awaken your mind, body & soul with a practice that is perfect for you. Core Cycle Sculpt classes build heat, endurance, and core strength while quieting the mind.


Strength, Sculpt & Ignite


CoreTuck is a targeted workout series ranging in 45-60 minute classes. Get moving with an intense cardio warm – up that’ll burn calories, then take it to the barre for a focused and targeted session that will leave your core lean, toned, and strong.


Breathe, Balance & Flow


An invigorating full-body flow where you’ll explore the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. Our Core Zen class is set to inspiring tunes, and is a foundation-building yoga class that will work every muscle through movement and breath at a moderate, but intuitive pace.


Turn stress into sweat. This signature class strengthens, balances, and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you will power up your yoga practice like never before.


Pilates and Yoga all in one class. This class combines the sculpting and firming benefits of Pilates, with strength and flexibility benefits of Yoga. This is a crazy calorie burning, low impact, high intensity, and restorative class. You will leave feeling uplifted and empowered.


Let go of your limits and achieve your best body and health possible. Enjoy this calorie burning, high intensity class focused on cardio conditioning and athletic training. You will use your own body weigh to sculpt and tone your muscles. A challenging class, but suitable for all fitness levels. Cross training shoes encouraged.